bride down stairs web hair styling
bride down stairs web hair styling

Hair and Makeup Lessons

Do you have bags full of Makeup you don’t know what to do with?

Don’t know what colours are right for you?

Can’t quite apply the product how the consultant in the shop did?

Find all the products available totally confusing?

Find department stores and Makeup shops intimidating?

Just don’t have the time?

These are the most common questions and comments I hear every day as a Hair and Makeup artist. This prompted me to offer “Practical “Hair and Makeup lessons, so you can look your very best within a realistic time limit and within a realistic budget.

Firstly my advice is completely impartial.

I am not selling any products, you simply pay for my expert advice.

I will go through all your Makeup, and advise what is good for you in terms of colour and texture, showing you several methods of application and a wide range of alternative products.

Knowing you are now confident in applying and achieving your desired look, I can also advise on complimentary hair styles, and styling tips, and use of accessories.

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